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Trending Hairstyles in Nigeria 2017: Yay or Nay?

Trending Hairstyles in Nigeria 2017: Yay or Nay?

So, after much observations and research, I decided to compile what I see as the trending hairstyles in Nigeria this year 2017. See below to agree or disagree.

Brazilian Wool

You can’t possibly be in Nigeria this year and deny having had this style on or seen it in every seven out of ten persons encountered. The Brazilian wool is not just affordable but can be braided in different styles and used as many times as you wish to exploit

Two Braids Centre Parting

It’s simple, inexpensive to make, and comfortable to move around in yet classy. Even the Nigerian singer Simi agrees. She rocked the style at her performance in this year’s recently concluded Big Brother Naija in South Africa.


What can I say? Cornrows have been saving lives since time in memorial. Its simple and sleek.


This year has seen ladies campaigning for team natural not just in hair but facial makeups too. A whole lot of Nigerian ladies especially the youths are in the team natural hairstyle. Nigerian  actress Adesuwa Etomi falls in this category.

Box Bob Braids

Some people call it the Egyptian style not sure why.  Am a great fan of this style, in other words, am guilty of it this year on several occasions. It suits the face and gives it a baby appearance.

Crotchet Braids

This is one style that appears big and bulky but light as anything you can imagine. It is a perfect example of the more you look, the less you see. Its classy, it’s sleek and it fits any shape of face.

Low Cut

Are you tired of brushing your extensions? Tired of booking appointment with your stylist? Are you tired of the pain and agony that comes with braiding? Tire no more for your answer is the image above. it allows you the in flow and out flow of water and fresh air. Lots of Nigerian celebrities can attest to this. The likes of Chidinmma, Toyin Aiyimakhu, Dorcas Fapnon etc.


Hmmm! Finally, this is last in my list though not the least. This has been saving our mothers from time in memorial and this year most ladies have been on it. I have been wondering if its the change in ozone layer or similar reasons I gave for low cuts? But for what it may, wigs are actually trending for the Nigerian ladies this year 2017.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Onyi

    Yay for the wig and cornrows


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