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Vote Of No Confidence Passed On Gov. El Rufai By APC In Kaduna

Vote Of No Confidence Passed On Gov. El Rufai By APC In Kaduna

A vote of no confidence has reportedly been passed on the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai by the Kaduna State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Operating under the auspices of ‘APC AKIDA’ , the party members decided to pass the vote of no confidence on the Governor over a series of alleged ‘anti-people’ policies being carried out by the administration.

This was made known by party chieftains in the state during a press conference led by Maitamaki Tom Maiyashi.

Also present at the press briefing were, Senator ShehuSani, Ambassador Sule Buba, Hon Isah Ashiru, Admiral Ibrahim Iko, AlhajiTijjani Ramalan, Makama Rigachikwu, and many other party chieftains in the state.

The statement said; “The current sorry state of affairs in the state is characterized by the near total absence of leadership of the party at all levels. The party has been deliberately weakened and virtually rendered ineffective.

“There is complete lack of consultation with critical stakeholders even on matters relating to party members or the community.

“Government’s intolerance of any opinion contrary to the mindset of the governor.

Mercenaries are hired to attack individuals and anybody who dares any opinion meant to add value to public policy.

“The only opinion or input respected is, those of hired consultants specifically recruited from outside the state who do not even understand our environment and lack the commitment to address our developmental priorities.

“These cronies and agents so recruited have virtually rendered the state civil service redundant and inactive. Morale in the civil service today is at its lowest ebb.

“Local government administration has been badly fractured, weakened and literary strangulated. Regrettably the state is walking into another circle of avoidable crises. This time around, it is the ‘attack’ on traditional and community institutions that have sustained our sense of community for ages from pre –colonial days”

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  1. People are not smiling, the game is tight.


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