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‘Where Is Bayo?’ – Buhari Asked

‘Where Is Bayo?’ – Buhari Asked

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday, appeared in public space for the first time in a while as he attended friday prayers at the Aso Villa Mosque.

Several videos of the President walking to and from the prayers have been relayed online.

In one of the videos, Buhari can be heard saying ‘ina Bayo’ – meaning, ‘Where is bayo?’ In Hausa – and someone amongst the group of people that surrounded him replied saying, “He’s not around”, before another person speaking In Hausa quickly said ‘ga wani’ which means here is another (referring to a Photographer)

Bayo Omoboriowo, is the official photographer of the President and lately there has been speculations that he might have stopped working with the President as he was noticed to have changed his position from Official Photographer Of The President’ to ‘Freelancer’ on his personal profile on social media.

This has led many to speculate that the President may not be in the know of recent developments within his camp.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Temitayo

    LOL,, The dude is still alive, nice


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