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Wizkid Reminds Radio HostsThat Africa Is Not A Country During Interview In Los Angeles

Wizkid Reminds Radio HostsThat Africa Is Not A Country During Interview In Los Angeles

A clip of an interview Nigerian musician, Wizkid had with a US radio station has gone viral on twitter.

In the clip, the singer was seen discussing his music on hip-hop show, “The Real After Party” on Los Angeles radio station, 92.3 and during the interview, one of the hosts of the show, Bootleg Kev, while speaking about a proposed plan to visit wizkid’s home country, Nigeria, said; “We’re going to go hang out with him in Africa.”

However, Wizkid as a way of letting him know that Africa is not a country, interrupted him by saying : “Lagos, Nigeria,”

They then went on to make a joke about Wizkid having to stage a concert in LA, and Drake’s “One Dance” which he featured Wizkid might be the only song that would have to play.

“I don’t know what we’re going to play, besides Drake ‘One Dance’.

“Would ‘Mask Off’ by Future be something that would get played in Nigeria?”, Bootleg Kev asked.

The Nigerian singer then responded by saying “Definitely. Like, let’s not be ignorant, bruh,”

“We are very ignorant,” was the response to WizKid’s statement with two other DJs repeating the same thing at the background.

Wizkid then attempted to correct whatever wrong notion they DJs were basing their comments on by saying ; “We have the internet, so like the people are very, very aware of the music. They get it the minute it gets out. But what we love to party to is our poo,” and listed himself and other Nigerian musicians such as 2face Idibia as the singers whose music rock the airwaves back home.

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