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Young Nigerian man declares intention to run for President in 2019; picks running mate and releases posters

Young Nigerian man declares intention to run for President in 2019; picks running mate and releases posters


Well, it seems Nigerian youths are beginning to show signs of absolute readiness to take charge …

Prince Arinze Ndibe – the handsome and young Nigerian man pictured above – has come out to declare his intention to run for President come 2019

The young man, who we are not even sure is up to 18, has already printed posters and announced that he will be contesting for the number one political seat in the country come 2019 when the Presidential Elections will be held.

As indicated in his campaign poster, he will be running under the umbrella of a new political party called ”Oringo Peoples party(OPP).”

He also did share a photo of his running mate who also appears to be of the same age bracket.

Here is what he wrote on Facebook to announce his intention to run for President;

Today, I have the honor of announcing to you about my interest in running for the 2019 presidential position under the umbrella of Oringo Peoples party (OPP).

Let me assure you that if I am elected president, I will initiate a comprehensive economic development plan promoting infrastructural development, job creation, agriculture and industry in Nigeria.

As an educated youth, I believe my knowledge and experience is enough to help me win this election and help solve our country’s problems by utilizing the available resources in maximizing human enjoyment. I promise that I will share the national moi moi and divide the national cake.
I’ll make my full manifesto available shortly through my campaign manager Godswill Okonkwo Legacy.

Do not hope for a better leader, VOTE for one.

Nigeria must be great again!
Vote OPP, maka odina mma anyi.

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  1. Finally the youths are waking up,I like your intention young man and i wish other youths will start thinking like you,you have my support/vote come 2019.


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